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Today, if you’re in business, you’re also in the technology business. The Underground team has been a part of the tech revolution ever since it began ramping up and have experienced it from every possible side. So “we get tech”.

As Creatives, Coders, and Entrepreneurs we have a unique history of building and branding products, services and companies ranging from startups to the fortune 50. Clients often refer to us as an “un-agency”. Meaning that needless processess and bearucacies never get in the way of big ideas and fast execution of emotional campaigns and winning strategies.

Ultimately, we help you out-think and out-work your competitors, rather than out-spend them.


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Bobby Casserly - Strategic Director

As a founding member of Agency Underground, Bobby’s deep experience as a strategic marketer, digital maven and storyteller has come to the fore.  And his ingenuity in building specialized teams of creative digital and technical players that perfectly match each project, continues to deliver for his clients.

His driving entrepreneurial spirit and thorough understanding of digital possibilities has led Bobby to create several successful start-ups as well. Along the way he’s served clients like Apple, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pandora, Oracle, Nike, HP, Netflix, NASA, and Samsung.

As a testament to his branding and storytelling skills, Bobby is also the co-founder of Maximon Pictures where he’s produced a number of feature films.

Finally, in both a legal and marketing capacity, Bobby served with the Minnesota Attorney Generals Office and has worked in education as the director of marketing for a private college.

He is the father of 5 energetic girls–all under age 11.  Yes. He has learned to tie “ponies” with the best of them.

Bob Rice - Executive Director/Writer/Director

Bob began his mission to make brands famous as a key player in the wildly successful American launch of Lexus. Then, as a creative director at the Chiat/Day, Bob helped re-brand Energizer Batteries with the legendary Energizer Bunny campaign, and helped make Reebok a player in the footwear industry.

Chiat/Day’s faith in Bob evolved into creative directorships in Los Angeles, New York and finally London where he served as Head of Marketing. Other clients included Nissan, American Express and, ironically, Nike.

Today, as a commercial and film director, he continues to create unprecedented success for clients, frequently serving as the writer on projects as well.

He has one daughter, Genevieve, whose imagination is much bigger than his.

Mike Gibbs - Writer & Creative Director

Mike worked at Fallon Worldwide for 19 years, 12 of those as a creative director.  He was a key player in the core creative group who helped make Fallon a global brand recognized for excellent work.

His most famous work includes “Stay Smart,” for Holiday Inn Express, the longest-running and most successful campaign ever in the hotel industry, as well as “Be more PBS,” for which Mike won the 2003 Emmy for Most Outstanding Television Commercial.

More recently, Mike helped rebrand MSNBC with their “Lean Forward” campaign and has also produced work for Ford Explorer, Purina, Saucony, and Vasque Boots.

Mike is also a founding board member of Nice Ride Minnesota–Minnesota’s wildly successful bike-sharing program which helps satisfy Mike’s passion for all things outdoors.

Michael Meredith - Writer & Director

As an award winning NYC/LA Writer and Director Meredith joins the Underground bringing his authentic creative writing  and production experience.  He began his journey into the world of storytelling during the first Trojan War. It would take several seasons of Greek tragedies and Shakespearean farce before he felt equipped to leave the renowned Guthrie Theater and charge the front lines of Hollywood.

His first foray would be writing and directing the film Three Days of Rain, produced by his old friend Bobby Casserly and starring such luminaries as Peter Falk, Jason Patric and Blythe Danner. The movie won wide acclaim from audiences, critics and industry greats, including the legendary director Wim Wenders, who became a frequent collaborator. Mike went on to write Wim’s award-winning film Land of Plenty, starring Michelle Williams, before writing and directing a third feature called The Open Road, starring none other than The Dude himself, Oscar-winner Jeff Bridges.

Mike’s love of storytelling, music and writing has manifested itself through theater and film for nearly two decades. His projects have taken him from the backrooms of Havana to the front lines of Afghanistan, and found him working with talents as diverse as Tuareg spies and Justin Timberlake. From the trenches of the Tundra to the red carpets of Venice, his sensitivity to the human plight has created emotional and authentic writing that relentlessly strives for truth.

Dave Meyer - Director of Strategic Marketing

Dave is a marketing veteran spending over 23 years in the consumer products industry. Dave has worked for small start-ups to fortune 50 companies identifying market opportunities and developing the business plans, products, and marketing strategies to capitalize on them.

Dave has worked with some of the largest brands in the world in the development and marketing of exclusive, licensed, and private label brands. His clients include Best Buy, Disney, Target, Proctor and Gamble, Dell, and Wal-Mart.

His ability to work with companies to create well-defined strategies, clear objectives, and the right marketing assets has resulted in repeated success. He has grown brands to leading market share positions and under his marketing leadership led companies to become some of the fastest growing companies in the nation.

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